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Insure service availability. Increase batteries life expectancy. Anticipate maintenance. Charge smartly and at the lowest cost.

METRON-EVA® Mobility

METRON-EVA® Mobility is an energy intelligence digital platform to optimize the operation, maintenance and charging of electric, gas and hydrogen fleets. By analyzing all the data coming from the vehicles and their ecosystem (charging stations, planning, weather, energy markets, energy contracts…), METRON AI-powered solution provides valuable insights to managers for the Smart Management, Smart Maintenance and Smart Charging of their fleets.

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Public Transport Authorities / Operators


Truck distributors




Our offer

Smart Management

  • Follow in real time the performances and daily usage of the vehicles, batteries and charging stations
  • Be alerted in real-time if irregularities appear
  • Monitor and understand the impact of different influential factors on energy consumption (traffic, drivers’ behavior, weather, route topography…)

Smart Charging

  • Be sure that each vehicle is charged enough to operate the daily service
  • Predict the consumption of each vehicle according to several influential variables
  • Charge the entire fleet respecting several constrains : planning, infrastructure, grid, energy prices…

Smart Maintenance

  • Follow the best practices of usage and charging of the battery to increase its life
  • Be alerted immediatly in case of consumption drifts and abnormal behaviors
  • Anticipate maintenance actions to avoid failures in service and minimise the vehicle downtime

Our Technology

1 - Collect

  • Collection of all the data coming from the vehicles and their ecosystem (charging stations, planning, weather, energy markets, energy contracts…)
  • Crossing of the data with the expertises of METRON's energy engineers on battery operation, energy contracts...

2 - Model

  • Creation of dynamic models to predict energy consumption integrating several influential factors (weather, driver’s behaviors, traffic, line topography…)
  • Integration of all the financial, operational, technical and grid constrains to create a smart sequencing of the fleet charging in the more efficient way and at the lowest cost
  • Creation of dynamic models of the batteries and their behaviors to detect any drift of consumption or abnormal behavior and anticipate maintenance actions

3 - Optimize

  • Bi-directionnal platform allowing the control-command of the charging stations remotely to operate the Smart Sequencing
  • Alarms on the anticipated maintenance actions to avoid vehicles failures or excess of consumption
  • Total transparency on a continuous basis for fleet managers with the automatic reporting and visualization of all the data and analyses on the platform
METRON is an international company developing digital platforms for the energy optimization of industries. More than 100 manufacturers around the world are already optimizing and controlling their energy flows thanks to METRON’s solutions. Bringing human expertise and artificial intelligence together, METRON-EVA® Factory offers a payback of less than 12 months.
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